Skate Trainers now
available for rent!
Great for young beginning
skaters. Helps gain balance
and confidence
Rental $2.00 plus
a $1.00 deposit

You pay $3.00
upfront and you get
$1.00 back when
you return the
skate trainer.
Limited quantities available
Available for skaters
10 years and
younger and\or 48
inches or less.

Skate Trainers are
designed to assist with
balance only, and should
not be used to fully
support skater.
Skate Trainers are available for rent only during private parties,
Christian Music Nights. and our Saturday afternoon public Family
Skate.  Skate Trainers will not be rented and are not allowed on
the skating floor during Friday and Saturday evening Teen
Skates.  We reserve the right to refuse to rent Skate Trainers to
any skater who is taller or older than recommended