Christian Music Nights


We are seeking church teen youth groups to act as Host Churches to
greet people as they come in rink during Christian Music night sessions.

Your church can also provide literature, tracts, handouts, refreshments,
or any other item you wish, but it is not required.   

We would ask that the youth pastor or his or her designate provide a
5-10 minute devotional message that will be held at approximately 8pm.  
Youth groups can also participate with skits, songs, or any other type of
devotional message, but please try to keep the entire presentation to no
more than 10 minutes. We will stop the music and call all patrons to the
front of the floor to listen to the devotional message.

We will provide up to 25 free admission tickets for your youth group to
attend and skate.  Non-skating parents are not charged admission.
There is absolutely no charge for your participation.   This is basically a
free event for your youth group and can be used as an outreach tool.
Anyone who comes in from the public to skate that night is charged $3.

If your youth group would like to sign up to be a Host Church at one of
our upcoming Christian Music Nights, please contact Christina at (740)
649-7427, or email at
Music Nights the first Monday of every month
(Sept.- May) from 7-9pm.  The session is
open to the public and youth and church
groups are also welcome to attend.  The
session features Christian music, as well as
various skating games.  

The cost is $3 per person, and skate rental is