-- For schools, churches, or other groups, tickets can be sold in advance or at the door to earn profit for your group.

-- Christian music is available by request. We regret that we can not play any music brought in; however, we have a
wide selection of Pop, Top 40, Country, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Children's and Oldies.  

-- Call the Cavalier at (740) 775-9033 for more information or to book a party. If no answer, leave a message.
All parties
require a $25 deposit at time of booking

-- All party guests must obey Cavalier Rink Rules and
Ohio Revised Code for Skating Rink Patrons.
For information on party dates or to book a party,
please stop by or call
(740) 775-9033 or (740) 773-8019
Parties can not be booked via email, and webmaster
does not have information on available dates.
If  you have already booked a party...You
can either pay the $25 Deposit or pay your
party in full via Paypal.
CLICK HERE to pay for your party online
During the Saturday afternoon public session
parties, you are in the Party Zone area for
ONLY ONE hour.  PLEASE NOTE: if you
choose the second party time 2-4pm, you
CAN NOT bring in your party supplies until
3pm.  All refreshemnts must be served in the
Party Zone area only