The Flood of 1994

In late April of 1994, construction workers for another business had removed a levee on property
close to the Cavalier.  With the heavy spring rains, the lack of support from the levee allowed
Worthington Run to overflow it's banks, flooding the Cavalier and other nearby businesses.  

The original hardwood floor of the skating rink, dating back to 1950, was ruined, along with the
support beams under the floor. But the walls and remaining structure were sound. It was decided to
replace the floor and re-open the skating rink.
Rebuilding the floor

Special contractors from Tennessee were hired to rebuild a new hardwood floor to
replace the ruined floor.    It took the eleven  men only eleven days to construct  the new
tongue and groove hard maple "fan-design" floor,  and the Cavalier re-opened within two
months of the flood.