Here is an example of some of the in-stock items we MAY currently have for
purchase at the Cavalier.  These items must be purchased from the skating
rink during regular business hours. Please call the Rink to make sure the items
are still available  The Cavalier can order skates, parts, and accessories
straight from the manufacturers.   And for birthdays or holidays, we sell gift
certificates!  For more information, call the Cavalier at (740) 775-9033 or if no
answer, call (740) 773-8019.
The Cavalier has a selection of new and used skates and
other items in stock for sale.  The Cavalier can also order
items directly from several skate companies and have your
order in for you within a week.  At this time, we can only
accept cash or checks, no credit or debit cards.
A deposit is required for all orders
New Items
Used Items
Speed caps (for wheels)  $8.95
Spark Plugs - light up dance plugs (used
in place of stoppers)  $9.95